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Yogawave Teachers

Grant Morrill- Grant had been practicing yoga on a part-time basis for years - until in 2008 a lump in his leg, which was diagnosed as a tumor, made him realise that a lifestyle change was needed.He then signed up for a Yoga Teacher Training program with local trainers Being Yoga.
He now teaches Yoga in the flowing Vinyassa style. This incorporates connecting mind and body through Asana and breathing techniques. Taught using calming music, Vinyassa flows like a wave beginning with gentle warm up poses, rising through to strengthening Asana and then warming back down using backward and forward bends. The practice is finished with Savasana; this pose allows for reflection and relaxation.Yoga practiced this way creates a new relationship with your body; a journey towards deeper understanding, honouring and appreciation. Grant has a broad knowledge base and draws inspiration from his past studies and current practice, updating and integrating continually. This allows for growth in his practice and an ability to cater to particular clients needs. He has completed the Level 1  and Level 2 Teacher Training Certificate which incorporates Yoga Asana, Pranayama ( breathing techniques) and Meditation as well as the Shiva Rea Prana Flow Teacher Training course.He has recently completed a workshop with John Friend the founder of Anusara yoga and is about to start their immersion series. He currently has classes at The Yogawave Studio in Noosaville, Sunshine Beach and several local fitness venues. He is also involved in bringing the practice of Yoga to adolescents in schools combining this with his youth training abilities.

Grant is able to customise his yoga routine to suit all ages and abilities and stresses that to be present and aware in your yoga practice is the fundamental aim. All that is needed to enjoy this ancient practice is a willingness to bring into balance body, mind and spirit.

Inga Giessmann - Inga's Yoga journey began in 2003, when she was first introduced to meditation by a neighbour, who held monthly group meditations at her home.Whilst the majority of people initially connect with Yoga through the physical exercises, Inga's journey with Yoga with a little different and for many years her practice purely consisted of meditation and pranayama, before she actually started exploring the physical aspects of Yoga about 10 years ago. To begin with it was a very sporadic and 'mechanical' physical practice, but it soon became an integral part of her life.

3 years ago Inga felt it was time to deepen her personal practice, learn more about proper alignment and connect with the roots of Yoga, so she decided to travel to India, where she completed a 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Aarsha Yoga Vidya Petham in Kerala. After that she felt compelled to share the gift of Yoga with as many people as possible and has been teaching regular classes ever since, both at Yoga schools and retreat centres.

Whilst Inga draws inspiration from different Yoga styles like Vinyasa, Yin and Kundalini, her classes are mainly based on traditional HATHA Yoga, aimed to create a state of inner harmony by balancing your Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) energies.

This practice includes both flowing movement (Sun Salutations) and static postures as well as elements like Meditation, Pranayama (specific breathing techniques) and Bandhas (energy locks). ​While the dynamic flow sequences are intended to improve circulation, increase flexibility, tone muscles and joints, the static postures have a more subtle, yet powerful effect on the nervous system and the mind.

Inga encourages you to be mindful throughout the practice, reminding you to stay conscious with your breath and your movements. This will allow you to experience the more subtle sensations in your body and to connect with yourself on a much deeper level. It is her aim that you leave her classes feeling physically rejuvenated, mentally calm, emotionally empowered and spiritually at peace.

Gail Ottl: My journey of Qigong and Tai Chi began in Melbourne in 1997 at the Australian Federation of Wu style Tai Chi, over 20 years ago.

While progressing through the Federations grading system with the aim of becoming a teacher, I decided on a move to the Sunshine Coast, arriving here in 2000. Since that time my passion for Qigong and Tai Chi has grown, focussing on Qigong.

I practice multiple forms of traditional Qigong and also a more modern form, Mindful Health Qigong that encompasses mind and body. This more modern form of Qigong is designed to encompass meditation, mind body focus and wellbeing without the need to remember long traditional form movements, it is  ideal for our busy lifestyles.

Qigong is a known healer, using our own power, harnessing our own Chi and directing it through our acupuncture points to areas in our body that need it most, we are able to heal our bodies, our minds, and our lives, I have personally healed myself of Osteoporosis.

Qigong aids our balance, our sleep, our energy levels and our longevity.  It helps us to relax, aids Parkinson’s sufferers, helps to alleviate back and spine problems, and also helps to lift depression. It creates a wonderful lifestyle; it is not just an exercise but a philosophy....to enhance our whole body, mind and life

I am passionate about introducing people to this amazing practice....let Qigong change your life....

Kayla McDonald - My passion is to teach, inspire and empower you to be the best version of yourself. I absolutely love educating my clients on health in a holistic manner, encouraging balance of the mind, body and spirit. I believe that health isn’t just a one size fits all and nor should it be, we are all beautifully unique! Through my own personal journey of trial and error I have discovered the secret sauce to living, that thing we all long for is... HEALTH and HAPPINESS and I endeavour to share it with you.  

I haven't always been abundant in my health and wellbeing in fact, growing up and into my early 20s I had a very poor mindset, I despised exercise and was on the cusp of an eating disorder. I was experiencing extreme anxiety, low moods and self worth issues. My life was completely out of balance and I was ALWAYS sick. I suffered with chronic fatigue, seasonal allergies and debilitating eczema all year round. I was experiencing chronic back, neck and shoulder pain due to my scoliosis and poor posture, which led me to turn to pharmaceutical intervention to relieve the pain, that was until I found yoga. 

I took my first yoga class in 2013 after hitting rock bottom with my health, mindset and realationships. I like to think that the practice found me just as much as I found it. I can truthfully say that without my daily practice I would not be who I am today. I instantly fell in love with how good Yoga made me feel inside and out and right away I knew this was the path I was supposed be on. I couldn’t touch my toes, everything hurt, I felt absolutely ridiculous for even being in the class however, for the first time ever, I felt at home. I knew that this was a gift that I had to share, so five years later with a dream and vision in my heart to share the healing practices of yoga with as many people as I could, I went on to complete my Yoga Teacher Training at Essence of Living on the Gold Coast.

The practice of Yoga has literally saved my life, helped me step into my truth and continuously guides me back to my real and authentic state of being. I live and breathe what I teach and hope to inspire you find your rhythm and flow in life, with the guidance of a daily Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation practice. My wish for you is that you too can find peace and serenity in all areas of your life.

I always endeavour to combine the fundamental loves of my life into each class I teach - nurturing the mind, body and spirit. It's when we honour all three areas of life, that we can thrive, live optimally, achieve greatness, truly live in the moment and show gratitude for the gifts and challenges of life.

​My mission is to inspire, empower and uplift my clients, I want you to always feel safe and supported. I truly believe that every situation in life may not be great but there is greatness to be found in any moment. How your life plays out all comes down your perspective and mindset, so if you show gratitude, you will find yourself experiencing absolute bliss everyday, if you honour your inner child - you will naturally experience more FUN! Life is challenging enough which is why I endeavour to keep my classes light hearted and my consultations down-to-earth, whilst still maintaining the sacred traditions of Yoga and respecting the science behind the body, mind and spirit. I hope to see you  really soon on the mat!