Yogawave Holistic Health 

A beautiful healing space for mind, Body

& Spirit.

Our Holistic Health Team pride themselves on delivering quality Complementry Therapies, Healing Treatments as well as Health Advice & are qualified and experienced Health  & Complementry Therapy Practitioners.   

Grant Morrill: Grant is the owner & founder of Yogawave. Grant is a dedicated Yogi and experienced instructor. He has studied Yoga Asana, Philosophy and meditation with some of Australia's leading Teachers and continues to develop his understanding through his practice & the wisdom of the masters. Grants meditation courses are empowering and bring profound transformation of understanding and feeling. Grant also leads a regular meditation group each Wednesday evening at Yogawave.

Yoga: Private and Group Classes

Meditation: Private & group Self-Inquiry & Learn to meditate courses

Available Monday to Saturday by appointment 0408 719 127 

Debbie Morrill: Debbie is an experienced Reiki Therapist & Teacher. Debbie has taught over 100 students in the art of Reiki Therapy. Debbie is als a professional Intuitive Reader who draws on the crafts of Numerology and Tarot to produce accurate readings for her clients.

"My deepest intention through the healings and readings is to assist you to clarify life direction, promote self healing and an increased connection to your own sources of guidance, to confirm your own intuitions and to aid in the practices of forgiveness, gratitude and self acceptance." Read more...

Reiki: Treatments and Reiki Level 1,2 &3 Courses

Intuitive Readings: Numerology and Tarot

Available Monday to Saturday by appointment 0414 963 327


Karine Griffiths: Hi, I am Karine Griffiths, a Progressive Kinesiologist who is passionate about the power of kinesiology in helping people to heal and live to their full potential. I believe in a holistic view of a person and work from the perspective that our mind, body and spirit is connected.  So balancing these 3 components is the key to achieving full health and vitality. Read more...

Progressive Kinesiology: Consultation and Healing

Australian Bushflower Essence Practitioner: Consultation and remedies

Available Tuesdays 10am to 1pm & at other times by appointment Ph:0450409649



Joy Taylor: Hi my name is Joy. It was a natural progression for me to flow towards natural health and healing having been involved in the physical fitness and sporting arena for most of my life. Whilst I still enjoy the benefits of a physical fitness routine including Yoga practice, biking and walking I have been drawn to explore the mind body connection more fully through my Reiki Practice and my love and ongoing interest in cystals and crystal Healing. Read more.....

Reiki: 1 hour or 30minute Treatments 

Crystal Healing: 1 hour treatment/consultation

Readings: Intuitive Numerology and Tarot

Available Thursday Evening 5.30pm to 8.30pm & at other times by appointment ph:0414 181 932


Treatment Prices


      1 hour - $75

Bach Flower Consultation

30 mins - $40


  30 mins - $40





Private Yoga Class

1 hour - $60

Progressive Kinesiology

      1 hour - $90




3 sessions $215

Meditation / Breath-work

1 hour - $65


          Child $50





Learn to Meditate Course

3 weeks $180

Crystal Healing

      1 hour - $75





Self-Inquiry meditation

1 hour - $75

Holistic consultation / Nutrition

     1 hour - $75





Numerology Tarot

45mins - $80