Next Course -  begins 4th September 10.30 at the Yogawave studio Noosaville , courses are ongoing please contact for details (3 Evenings-still time to book)but is also available one to one at a time to suit you. Ph  Grant 0408719127

  • Meditation calms the mind and improves health and sleep patterns
  • Meditation will help to transform your relationships in all areas of life
  • Meditation balances emotion and negative thought patterns 

This 3 week exploration of meditation will give you the insights and tools to begin or strengthen your practice through Being, Loving and Doing.

Being: Understand your inner world and connection to your true nature.

Loving: Bring awareness and acceptance to all areas of life.

Doing: Meditations, contemplations and techniques to uplift and transform.    

One on one course also available if you prefer privacy or individual meditation for deeper self enquiry.     

Learn to Meditate