Feeling stressed, anxious or tired? While a certain amount of stress can be natural and normal in everyday life when it begins to impact on your mind and body there may be some cause for concern. If you are feeling as if it is difficult to return to a state of peace and balance at the end of each day and you are becoming overwhelmed by negetive thoughts and emotions then meditation may be the pathway to help relieve these symtoms of stress for you.

Often people comment that they have tried meditation before and they just can't meditate. A lot of this arises from a misconception that to meditate you need to stop your mind from thinking. This can lead to conflict with the mind in an attempt to subdue or control it which can bring disharmony and struggle. In fact meditation is any attempt to still the though-waves of the mind and can begin with some simple yet trasformative practices such as awareness of the breath, mindfulness and mantra repetition. Once you are in good relationship to your mind and finding peace and harmony through these simple practices then you are able to deepen your meditation by adding other methods such as Self Inquiry meditation 

Yogawave offers a variety of meditation groups and courses and can guide you to the practices that are best suited to you.

The practice of meditation has the ability to release negative thought patterns, increase positivity, boost the health of the immune system and to improve memory, brain function, attention and creativity. The benefits of meditation are characterised by good feeling, contentment, stability, confidence, joy and vitality.

Our Recommended Meditation Program

Begin Meditation: Why not start with our 3 week Learn to meditate Course. This exploration of the benefits and techniques of meditation will set you up with all of the tools to begin and maintain a positive meditation practice.

Support your Meditation Practice: Wednesday Ongoing meditation. We hold an ongoing meditation evening each Wednesday at 6.30 pm. These guided meditations help to support your home practice and expand your understanding. Come together with others in a nurturing space.

Deepen: Self-Inquiry group meditation- 3 week course. An intensive meditation practice to shift energetic blocks or tensions within the body. Learn techiniques used by the sages to expand and connect to your true nature and Universal Consciousness.

Uplift and transform: Individual guided meditation sessions tailored to suit personal needs. These methods of meditation dramatically transform and empower in all areas of life including health, career, relationship and spirituality. 

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