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Self Inquiry Meditation course

Ongoing please contact for details (3weeks) - 12pm. One on One course available on request.

0408 719127

Cost $75 

Come along to this course and learn the practice of Self Inquiry (atma vichara), a unique and powerful method of meditation accessing the wisdom of the Inner Self. Practicing Self Inquiry is an efficient and direct technique that leads to a more powerful self awareness and moves us closer to our true essence. Focusing on the energy centres of the body and uplifting thought and feeling through inquiry results in an effortless awarenss of being and an ability to live and express through our expanded nature regardless of what is happening in our external everyday lives. Meditation relaxes, reduces stress and brings peace and balance to the body and mind. This course is an extension to and complements the Learn to Meditate Course and deepens your understanding and awareness.

 " The Truth is that the Self is constant and unintermittent Awareness.The object of enquiry is to find the true nature of the Self as Awareness. Let one practise enquiry so long as separateness is perceived." Ramana Maharshi

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