An ongoing meditation evening each Wednesday at 6.30pm where we present the teachings of the meditation masters and practice their techniques. Attendance is by $10 suggested donation. Open to everyone.

This is a wonderful way to connect with likeminded people in a relaxed environment and learn more about meditation and your spiritual nature. The evening program includes:

Reading and discussion: Each week we present a teaching, a contemplation or a method of meditation to explore with plenty of time for discussion. Methods and topics taken from various the traditions and teachings including: Bhagawan Nityananda, Ramana Maharshi, Suzuki Roshi, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Kashmir Shavism, Sri Aurobindo and many more.

Meditation: Includes a 15 minute meditation.

Supper: Chai and goodies for those who want to stay on.

This program runs by donation and is the perfect compliment to classes with groups or individual meditation 

Why Meditate with a Group?

When a group of people come to meditate together the energy created in the space is amazing, uplifting and transforming. You feel a real connection with others and this supports everyone to find that place of peace and happiness within. Being part of a group can also encourage you to maintain a consistent meditation practice, provide feedback and help you to understand different types of meditation and how best to work with them and of course everyone is there for the same reasons to share, to learn and to support each other. When like-minded people come together it strengthens intentions and aspirtaions also.

Meditating in groups is a healthy and fun way to learn skills that support personal growth and well-being with the added bonus of social connection!